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What is an insurance plan anyway? A lot of restrictions and paperwork, deductibles, and limits… It is essentially a very perplexing payment plan for services that you may or may not ever need or one that denies coverage of the treatment you want and need.

The Advantage Plan from Northland Dental Medicine offers an average savings of 30% on virtually every dental procedure. Members receive a discount on the mid-range of fees charged by Tri-State providers.

If you don’t have protection against today’s escalating dental care costs, you may have no chance of avoiding some major expenses along the line.

Protect Yourself And Your Family

Northland Dental Medicine’s Advantage Plan allows you to protect yourself and your family with a dental care program that includes implants, prosthetics, orthodontics (child & adult), root canal therapy, dentures, & much more.

In addition, we provide free exams and consultations.

Also, because our Advantage Dental Plan is not insurance, there are no deductibles, no claim forms, no denials, no confusing bills, and no annual limits to the benefits you can receive.

Compare Savings!

AdvantagesAdvantage PlanDental Insurance
Free Regular Exams YES NO
No Health Restrictions YES NO
No Pre-Existing Clauses YES NO
No Annual Limits YES NO
No Paperwork YES NO
No Waiting For Dental care YES NO
No Pre-Determination Of Benefits YES NO
No Denial Of Benefits YES NO
Cosmetic Dentistry Covered YES NO
Implants Fully Covered YES NO
No Confusing Bills YES NO


Individual Plan – $125 per year
Family Plan – $175 per year*
No sign-up fee! Join today and you may begin using your plan tomorrow!

*Those eligible for discounts include spouse and any other financially dependent family member living in the member’s household.

“I paid much less than what I would have, even with insurance, for my new implant-restored smile. Furthermore, there was never a question as to what my out-of-pocket expenses were.”

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Sample Discounted Fees & Savings

DescriptionPittsburgh Area Fee*Advantage Plan
Periodic Exam $97 Free Exams
Panoramic X-Ray $128 $87
Cleaning $108 $79
Anterior 2-Surface Composite $233 $152
Posterior 2-Surface Composite $269 $179
CEREC® Instant Ceramic Crown $1337 $895
Invisalign® Comprehensive $6608 $4490
Anterior Root Canal Therapy $894 $689
Snaptite® Smile Bridge $16-25,000 $11,9951
Tooth Removal $190 $133
Emergency Visit $135 Free2
Implant $2421 $1695
Implant & Crown Complete $4300 $29953

*2016 compilation – SIKKA fee survey, usual fees 80th percentile
1 Basic, uncomplicated complete upper or lower full arch implant retained bridge.
2 Must have been seen for regular exam & cleaning in past 6 months
3 CT radiograph complex cases involving bone regeneration treatments additional cost
Advantage Plan may not be combined with special pricing or other discounts we may offer you.