Dental implants are the top choice for replacing any number of missing teeth

By offering advantages like durability, longevity, and a greater restoration of chewing and speaking function, there is no substitute for dental implants. While dental implants are not covered by insurance, there are other reliable ways to finance this revolutionary procedure.

Dental Implants Are Not Covered By Insurance

Unfortunately, many dental insurance providers still consider dental implants as a cosmetic procedure. This means that little to no portion of the procedure is covered by insurance. As a result, many patients finance their dental implant treatment out-of-pocket or through third-party financing options.

Advantage Plan With Northland Dental Medicine

At Northland Dental Medicine, we offer a comprehensive Advantage Plan to help patients afford their dental services. For the low cost of $125 annually per individual or $175 per year per family. The plan will save you money on every procedure we offer and provides a discount of about 30% for each procedure, so it may be worthwhile depending on your needs.

Financing Options

Consider the following options for financing your dental implants at Northland Dental Medicine.

Credit Card

Credit cards offer a wide range of rates, benefits, and extras. Patients can use their credit cards to finance cosmetic dental procedures that aren’t covered by insurance. This will give patients the ability to pay off their treatment overtime.


CareCredit is an ideal program for people who like to get medical and dental procedures that aren’t covered by insurance. Functioning very much like a typical credit card, CareCredit allows members to pay for medical procedures such as dental implants in low monthly payments. This is an excellent option for those with good credit. To find out if you qualify for CareCredit, simply fill out an application.

Pay Per Phase At Northland Dental Medicine

Placing dental implants is time-consuming and can take over half a year from start to finish. To make payments easier for everyone involved, we charge each phase of the dental implant procedure individually. This eliminates much of the confusion surrounding financing and accurately charges for only the completed parts of the dental implant procedure. Note that all phases must be complete in order to reap the benefits of dental implants.