At Northland Dental Medicine, our mission is to provide patients with high-quality care in an environment where you can feel comfortable. We know how intimidating the prospect of dental visits can be for many patients. To help make your next visit more comfortable, Dr. Corsello offers sedation dentistry.


Also known as dental sedation, this treatment is essentially the use of medication to help you relax during treatment. Sedation can be administered as either a pill or intravenously. While dosage is based on your comfort level as well as upcoming procedure, both treatment options induce feelings of calm and relaxation.


Sedation dentistry is about more than just a comfortable experience – it’s a way of helping patients overcome dental anxiety and get the comprehensive care they need and deserve. Often, individuals with dental anxiety have developed their fears because of poor past experiences. As a result, these patients are less likely to visit the dentist until they absolutely need to.

Dental sedation tackles these phobias by creating positive experiences. While patients are fully conscious and responsive during treatment with sedation, the specific details like sounds and sensations often go unnoticed or forgotten. In the long run, these improved experiences gradually help patients overcome their dental anxieties and phobias.

While dental sedation is often recommended as a way of overcoming dental anxiety, this option is also beneficial for patients preparing for longer procedures, such as dental implant placement or bone grafting. At Northland Dental Medicine, Dr. Corsello recommends sedation to ensure these critical procedures are an easy and comfortable experiences for patients. When combined with our staff’s friendly attitude and patient amenities, many individuals who visit our Pittsburgh implant specialist find this outpatient surgery to be rather enjoyable.