Patient accessible full arch implant bridges

What is a Snaptite Smile?

With only 4 implants an entire arch of teeth are permanently replaced, restoring your ability to speak, genuinely taste and feel the textures of an unlimited diet and smile confidently. Yes! You can have it back. Snaptite Smile is the answer to a devastated dentition.

Snaptite Smile Reverses facial collapse

Snaptite Smile supports soft and effectively reverses the facial collapse and the folds and wrinkles tissue by being firmly anchored to your existing jaw mimicking natural dentition.

Rock Solid Precision Snaptite Fittings

Eliminates the #1 cause of implant failure and systemic disease. Designed to be in 24 hours/day you wake up refreshed never without a knock dead gorgeous smile. Utilizing precision snap fittings, Snaptite Smile allows 100% access to your implants so you can safely remove harmful bacterial, mold and fungal Biofilm that builds up daily and is exactly what caused the failure of your teeth in the first place. Wake up every morning refreshed and smiling knowing your investment is protected. 

Snaptite Smile vs Screw retained implant bridge

Utilizing precision snap connectors Snaptite Smile all on 4 bridges are specifically designed so that the patient can remove maintaining 100% access to clean and refresh every night before bed eliminating harmful bacterial, mold and fungal infections. Designed to be in 24 hours/day you wake up refreshed never without teeth.

Nonoceramic Crystal Ultra® teeth supported by a stronger than steel, integrated Trilor® frame

While outdated screw retained implant bridges are common this solution has several fundamental disadvantages.

  • Patient cannot access the underside for cleaning, opening the door to accumulation of harmful bioplaque and potential oral health problems including jawbone deterioration and loss of implants.
  • Large gaps open up under the bridge due to changes in the dental ridge as we age allowing air to leak out from under while speaking causing an embarrassing lisp. Snaptite Smile bridges are able to be relined to close gaps.
  • Unchangeable, heavy Zirconium-metal bridges. Snaptite Smile is made of feather lite Nanoceramic Crystal® Ultra bonded to a stronger than metal Trilor® integrated frame allowing relines, repairs and adjustment as your jaw shape changes with age.  Zirconium bridges must be remade $$$.
  • Much more aggressive and invasive surgery requiring substantial bone reduction to make room for bulky metal frameworks not needed with Snaptite Smile. Snaptite Smile’s innovative framework is built into the bridge.

Snaptite Smile is the answer