At Northland Dental Medicine, we believe that dental implants are a lifelong investment in your oral and overall health. That’s why our Pittsburgh dentist has invested in some of the most advanced dental technologies available. From your first consultation through your final appointment, you can trust that your Snaptite Smile or dental implant treatment plan is fully customized to your unique needs.


Creating the perfect treatment plan starts with a full evaluation of your smile. At Northland Dental Medicine, advanced diagnostic technology helps Dr. Corsello create treatment plans for almost every patient. Tools like 3D CT and panoramic imaging as well as digital x-rays provide our Pittsburgh dentist with an in-depth look at the different parts of your smile, identify potential issues, and develop a dental implant or Snaptite Smile solution.


Advanced dental technology is just as critical during the procedure phase of your dental implant treatment plan. Using the 3D imaging of your dentition, our implant dentist in Pittsburgh creates a digital surgical guide. By completing the procedure virtually before your actual surgery, Dr. Corsello can ensure your implant is placed with the utmost precision and predictability.

To help patients remain relaxed on the day of surgery, Northland Dental Medicine offers sedation dentistry, administered as either a pill or intravenously. After surgery, we use platelet-rich plasma therapy to help stimulate blood clotting and improve healing and osseointegration during the recovery period.


When it comes to creating beautiful smiles, we want to help you achieve your dream smile. In addition to our signature Snaptite Smiles treatment, Dr. Corsello can also create custom crowns in our Pittsburgh office with CEREC® CAD/CAM technology. With this same day restorative treatment, our patients come into our office and leave with a fully restored smile.