Did you know … about 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and another 40 million have no teeth at all, according to the American College of Prosthodontics.

When you lose teeth – a vital part of your smile – it isn’t just your appearance that suffers. If left untreated, you may experience difficulty eating and speaking clearly, shifting teeth, and irreversible bone loss. Bone loss results in an older look – well before your time.

You’ve probably heard that dental implants are the most preferred option to replace missing teeth.

There’s another option … I’ll tell you about an alternative I invented called the Snaptite Smile® – and why you should consider it.

But first … I thought I should let you know why you should choose me for all your restorative dentistry in Pittsburgh. For more than 25 years, I’ve helped patients achieve the smile of their dreams. My commitment in this area hasn’t gone unnoticed. I achieved fellowship status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. I also stay on top of the latest techniques and technology, and try to find ways to enhance your experience in the dentist chair. Plus, I can help with all your general and cosmetic dentistry needs.

… So what makes a Snaptite Smile in Pittsburgh, PA stand out? It’s an implant-supported bridge treatment that puts you in control of your smile restoration. Unlike permanent dental implant bridges and dentures, this smile solution features a removable prosthetic that “snaps” tightly onto your implants. You get a secure bite that is reliable, easy to care for, and cost-effective.

The benefits of a Snaptite Smile In Pittsburgh, PA … Missing a few teeth or a full arch? As your Pittsburg dentist, I can assure you that this restorative treatment will help you rediscover your smile.

1. Easy to clean. I’ve provided many patients dental implants and implant-supported treatments. From all that experience, I can tell you that infection is the number one cause of failure. This happens because patients have a difficult time properly cleaning their fixed prosthetic and they develop a serious condition known as peri-implantitis. A Snaptite Smile doesn’t get in the way. Simply detach your prosthetic to thoroughly clean your entire mouth and prevent infection.

2. Eat better. You can fully savor your next meal with a Snaptite Smile in Pittsburgh, PA. Traditional dentures cover the roof of your mouth, but with this dental implant system your palate is exposed. You can actually feel the full texture of the food you’re eating!

3. Preserve underlying bone support. A Snaptite Smile maintains your jawbone. You won’t have to worry about developing a sunken face, a weakened bite, or other oral or overall health problems because of bone loss.

4. Restore your confidence. There’s nothing quite like a full, natural-looking smile. You can feel good about showing off your pearly whites at social gatherings, while speaking in public, and posing for pictures.

Is it time you gave your smile a second chance? If you’ve been considering ClearChoice dental implants in Pittsburgh or other options like dentures, I encourage you to call Northland Dental Medicine for a consultation. We’ll completely review your oral health and medical history to determine if a Snaptite Smile is the best fit for you!